A species naturalized from Europe, whose stem, but not branches, is furnished with stout, recurved thorns. It reaches a height of 10 feet, and is often straggling in its growth. Flowers, single or 2 or 3 together, a pale pink, fading to almost white. Leaflets, small, 5 to 7, with prominent stipules sharply serrate. Petioles armed with a few weak prickles. June and July.

Along roadsides, in waste places, on banks of rivers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, to Tennessee.

The following bit of verse shows how the original white rose became pink:

"As erst in Eden's blissful bowers Young Eve surveyed her countless flowers, An opening rose of purest white She marked with eye that beamed delight. Its leaves she kissed, and straight it drew From beauty's lips the vermil hue."