Family, Honeysuckle. Color, white Calyx, tubular, with very small teeth. Corolla, urn-shape, with 5 spreading lobes at the top. Stamens, 5, joined to the base the corolla. Stigmas, 3. Flowers, in large, flat cymes on a long peduncle. Fruit, a deep purple drupe. Leaves, compound, with 5 to 7 leaflets, pointed, serrate, some 3-divided. Stem, scarcely woody, and young branches filled with pith. June and July.

A showy plant, with soft, misty flowers, followed by sweet -ish black berries. The berries have medicinal properties, and are made into elderberry wine. When bruised the leaves have an unpleasant odor. Found in wet soil, beside streams. along roadsides, from New England to Florida and west- ward.