Baptisia tinctbria (name means "to dye," on account of the use of some species to make a "poor indigo"). - Family, Pulse. Color, yellow. Calyx, 4 or 5-toothed. Corolla, papilionaceous. Stamens, 10. Pods, roundish, pointed, stalked, a little raised above the calyx. Leaves, smooth, small, 3-divided, nearly sessile, the leaflets wedge-shaped. Stipules and bracts present, but very small. Flowers, in numerous short racemes. Summer,

This common, well-known "indigo" plant is found everywhere along our walks and drives, in sandy soil. The leafy, much-branched, in outline roundish, bushy herb, about 2 feet high, with its bright racemed pea-blossoms, is a general favorite, notwithstanding its tendency to turn black when picked and dried for the herbarium.