Family, Convolvulus. Color, white or with a pink tinge. Leaves, small, 1 to 2 inches long, arrow-shape at base, the basal lobes pointed, diverging, on slender petioles shorter than the peduncles. Corolla, funnel-form, its limb plaited, distinctly divided into 5 lobes. Flowers, usually in pairs, sometimes single, on slender peduncles on which are 2 or 3 small bracts, and perhaps 1 more on one of the pedicels. Blossoms. small, about 1 inch across. May to September.

A trailing or twining vine from a perennial rootstock, becoming a weed near the coast. Flowers open with sunlight and close at night. In waste grounds and dry fields, from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, westward and northward.