Color, white or light pink. Flower, larger than the last, about 2 inches across. It may further be distinguished by two large, leafy bracts under the calyx, Flowers single on long, slender peduncles which are 4-angled. Leaves triangular.

Halberd - shape at base, the lobes spreading, acute, sometimes a little toothed. June to September.

A smooth-stemmed vine, 3 to 10 feet long, trailing or twining, or matting on the ground if it cannot climb; but it prefers to rise into the light by the aid of small bushes and herbs. It spreads very fast by means of running rootstocks, in moist soil along the coast or banks of rivers, helping to thicken the growth of thickets which are made wherever small streams feed the roots with perpetual moisture. New England to North Carolina and westward.

Var. pubescens is low and trailing, 1 to 3 feet long, often lying on the ground, with branches and leaves softly downy. Flowers, white, rarely pink. Leaves, 1 to 2 inches long, long-petioled, triangular in shape, not much indented at the stalk, but slightly heart-shape, the lobes acute. May to August.

Common. Virginia to Florida and westward.