Cephalanthus occiderdalis-----Family, Madder. Color, white.

Leaves, opposite or in threes, with short stipules between, oval or broadly lance - shape, 3 to 5 inches long, on channeled petioles, entire, but wavy-margined, pointed, bright green above, paler below. Calyx-tube, 4-lobed. Corolla, a slender tube, hairy within, 4-parted, at first white, then brown, its lobes tipped with black. Stamens, fastened to the tube of the corolla. Pistil, long, extending far out of the flower, with a button-like stigma. Flowers, gathered into a close head, 1 inch in diameter, around a fleshy receptacle, the head long-peduncled, springing from the leaf-axils. July and August.

This bush has unusually strong roots and grows beside ponds and streams, often quite in water, its lowest stems being immersed. Height, 5 to 10 feet. Bark rough, gray, spotted on the older stems. A handsome shrub, common; much prized and cultivated in Europe.