(A reputed remedy for scrofula) Family, Figwort. Color, a brownish purple or chocolate. Leaves, opposite, deeply serrate, ovate or oblong, rounded or heart-shaped at base, pointed at apex. Calyx, deeply 5-divided. Corolla, rounded, tubular, with 5 lobes, the lower spreading, the two upper longer than the others and erect. Stamens, 5, with anthers lying across the filaments and running together into a ring. A rudiment of the fifth stamen may be seen. Stem, smooth, 4-sided, 3 or 4 feet high, with small, insignificant flowers terminating the branches. July to September.

This herb gives the name to a large and important family of plants, and, curiously, has not the markedly 2-lipped corolla which distinguishes most of the figworts. Open, rich, moist woods. Massachusetts to South Carolina and westward.