Campanula, rotundifolia-----Family, Bluebell. Color, blue, or sometimes with a purplish tint. Calyx, 5-cleft. Corolla, bell-shaped, 5-lobed, nearly an inch long. Stamens, 5. Stigmas, 3. Fruit, a capsule, 3-celled, nodding. Leaves, the earlier ones from the root, roundish, heart - shape or ovate, dying soon. Later ones on the stem, narrow, lance-shape, numerous. Name most inappropriate, since the round leaves are seldom seen. Varied in height and foliage. A perennial, with slender rootstocks, simple or branched stems, 6 inches to 3 feet high. June to September.

One of our loveliest blue flowers, which, in its favorite haunts of rocky woods or wet meadows, it is a real pleasure to come across. It may also hang its dainty bells from a lakeside, nestling under tall ferns and grass. It may be found in the rock fissures which attend the Hudson River, and in all the country, including the Rocky Mountains and Sierras. This seems to be the bluebell of Scotland.

Bluebell Harebell (Campanula rolundifolia)

Bluebell-Harebell (Campanula rolundifolia)