Speculkria perforata - Family, Bluebell. Color, blue or violet. Calyx, 3 to 5-lobed. Corolla, tubular, with 5-lobed border, wheel-shaped. Flowers, single, or in twos and threes in the upper leaf-axils. Stem, 3 to 20 inches high, simple, weak, with milky juice. Fruit, a 3-sided capsule. Leaves, round, with heart-shaped base clasping the stem and surrounding it, sessile, often crenate. Within these shell-like leaves the lower flowers, 2 or 3 together, small, cleistogamous, are pollinated in the bud and never expand. The upper and later ones expand into a wheel-shaped flower. May to September.

Sterile, open ground or dry woods, Maine to Florida and Mexico.