Family, Lily. Color, greenish yellow. Perianth of 3 sepals and 3 petals, alike, turned backward. Styles, 3, very peculiar - looking, stigmatic along the upper side, long, thread-like, purple, bent away from the ovary. Stamens, 6. Flowers, in an umbel near the top, on long peduncles. Leaves, in 2 whorls, one near the middle of the stem, of 5 to 9 ovate or long and narrow, pointed, thin leaves; the other just under the flowers, like an involucre, of 3 to 5, shorter, all parallel-veined. Perennial herb, with simple stem rising 12 to 30 inches high from a white tuber, whose taste is a little like that of the cucumber. In fall, dark purple, conspicuous berries are produced. May and June.

In rich, moist woods from New England to Florida and westward. Ascends in mountains of Virginia nearly 3,000 feet.