Family, Dogbane. Color, greenish white. Leaves, oblong, those near the ends of branches almost lance - shape, with short petioles or none, pale green, slightly downy beneath, tipped with a sharp point, opposite. Calyx,

5-parted, its lobes nearly as Long as those of the deeply parted corolla. Flowers, not expanding, bell-shape. At the base of the corolla, opposite its lobes, alternate with the Stamens. are 5 triangular appendages. Fruit, 2 slender pods 3 or 4 inches long Flowers in cymose clusters, with pedicels, terminal or axillary. The central cyme is first in bloom. June to August.

A common and variable shrub, growing on batiks of streams, or smaller and more spreading on sea-beaches; sometimes found in drier soil. New I England to Florida and across the continent.