Family, Orchis. Color, brownish purple in lip, sepals, and petals. The latter very narrow, thread - like.

Sepals, slightly turned back. Lip, large for the flower, broad, nearly 1/2 inch long. Leaves, 2, at the base of the flower-stem,

2 to 5 inches long, oval or ovate, clasping the stem with large, loose sheaths. Flowers, few or many, scattered, in terminal racemes, on slender pedicels. Scape, 4 to 10 inches high.

Low herbs from solid bulbs, with scales on the scape besides the 2 large leaves. Leaves, shining, green. Rich, moist woods, Maine to Georgia and westward.

Putty-Root. Adam-And-Eve. Aplectrum hiemale

Family, Orchis. Color, variegated. (See p. 372.)

Crane Fly Orchis. Tipularia discolor

Family, Orchis. Color, greenish, tinged with purple. (See Green Flowers, p. 24.)