Family, Moonseed. Color, white. Stamens and pistils, borne on different flowers of the same plant. Sepals, 4 to 8, with 12 to 14 stamens of the same length. Anthers, 4-celled. Pistils, 2 to 4, raised on a short receptacle, accompanied by 6 sterile filaments and 6 to 8 petals. Flowers, very small, panicled. Fruit, a fleshy, round, black drupe covered with a bluish bloom. The stone inside is wrinkled, flat, crescent-shape, whence the common name. Leaves, alternate, very broadly shield-shape, 4 to 8 inches across, acute at apex, with slender petioles. June and July.

Woody climbers. The panicle of small flowers is not very noticeable, but the bunch of grape-like fruit in September adds beauty to the tangled growth beside our streams. Along banks of streams in all the Eastern States.