The botanical names in this book follow the seventh edition of Gray's Manual. The custom now is to drop capitals from geographical adjectives in writing specific names. They are retained in names derived from those of persons. Thus we write canadensis, but Beckii.

Accents teach correct pronunciation, a matter of some difficulty in botanical names. The acute accent ( /) means the short sound of the vowel of the accented syllable; the grave (\ ), the long sound.

The illustrations are those, with a few added, which were drawn for The Flowers of Field, Hill, and Swamp by the etcher and artist, the late Benjamin Lander. His work has won deserved admiration.

Some plants in this book are illustrated with excellent colored plates. For purposes of identification, color drawings are invaluable. Flower lovers hope for a cheap and easy process of tinted photography, some day, by which all plants may be represented by their colors as well as forms.

The arrangement of species in the different chapters is from those of lowest rank, through those still higher, to the composites, the highest of all the families in rank.