(name means "single delight")

Family, Heath. Color, white or pink (see p. 276). Sepals and petals, 5, the latter roundish, wide open, 1/2 inch across. Filaments, awl-shaped, with anthers 2-horned. Stigma, 5-lobed, quite large. Leaves, clustered at the root, round, thin, veiny, pointed, toothed, less than 1 inch long. The scape has a scaly bract or two upon it, with a single, nodding flower rising 3 or 4 inches from the underground stem. June and July.

Many dear little plants of the Heath Family may be looked for in our deep, shady woods, but none is more appealing in its small, dainty life than the one-flowered pyrola. To find it is a delight. But let us not remove it from its home. There is too much danger of these interesting plants disappearing from their haunts. In deep, cool woods in tin-Northern States and in the Rocky Mountains.