Color, bright yellow. The spreading petals, not papilionaceous in character, are unequal in size. 2 or 3 have a purple spot at the base. Stamens, 10, 4 with yellow anthers, 6 with purple, all opening by 2 pores at the apex. Pod, flat, many-seeded, with cross-partitions. Leaves, pinnate, from 10 to 15 pairs of leaflets, and one terminal, all somewhat sensitive, folding together when plucked. A pair of cup-shaped glands is found at the base of the 2 lowest leaflets. Stipules, present. The showy flowers, on slender pedicels, grow in small clusters under the leaves. Stems, erect, but spreading, about 1 foot long. Late summer.

Dry, sandy soil, especially near the seashore, Massachusetts southward and in the interior.