Family, Crowfoot. Color, purple. Corolla, wanting. Calyx, of four leathery sepals, joined at their base, purple on the outside, yellow within. Flowers, large, on long peduncles, solitary, terminating the branches. Fruit, a collection of achenes, each furnished with a plumose tail. Leaves, opposite, sessile, conspicuously net-veined, ovate, sometimes 3-lobed, soft-silky underneath. Stems, low, 1 to 2 feet high, erect, generally unbranched. May.

Southern New York and Staten Island, to Georgia, in light woods and copses. Rare and local. One of the pleasant surprises awaiting the watchful botanist, if he find the right place, is the purple clematis. Later in summer the heads of fruit, with their airy, plumed appendages, will scatter the seeds wherever the breeze takes them.