Viola, rotundifolia-----Family, Violet. Color, yellow. Flowers, on scapes 2 to 4 inches high, ascending from rootstocks which are rough with the remains of former leaves. Petals, of a pale yellow, the 3 lower ones marked with brownish lines, the lateral bearded. Leaves, ovate to roundish, heart-shaped, crenate, smooth, shiny, at flowering season 1 to 2 inches broad, on short petioles. Later they become larger, 3 or 4 inches broad, and lie prone upon the ground. One often finds these leaves in summer carpeting the woods, without associating them with the dear little violet that accompanies them in spring. May and June.

Cold woods, rocky hillsides, Maine to Delaware, in the mountains to Georgia and westward.

Later cleistogamous flowers appear on short runners.