Family, Beech. Color, greenish or greenish yellow. Flowers, the staminate in long, drooping catkins composed of many stamens surrounded by a 6-lobed perianth; pistillate, single, sessile, borne on last season's twigs. These produce acorns of which the cup is less than half the size of the nut, matured the first season. Leaves, oblong to lanceolate, not lobed, coarsely toothed, acute, on short petioles, bright green above, whitish and softly downy beneath, especially the leaves of young branches.

Low, branching shrubs, 3 to 15 feet high, in dry soil over all the States east of the Mississippi River. Most of this Family are large trees. This and the next should be ranked as shrubs, since they never attain great size. They are found almost everywhere in dry, sandy soil.