Color, greenish yellow, sometimes with a purplish tinge. Flowers, 1 to 3, with short pedicels, on long peduncles. Fruit, a small, purple, edible berry, Leaves, thin, deeply cleft, heart-shape, serrate, the petioles sprinkled with naked glands. A few solitary, whitish spines grow on the stem. A species sometimes found in gardens, but not much improved by cultivation.

The finest gooseberries are raised in the gardens of the operatives of the factories in Lancashire, England. There the berries are sometimes 2 inches in diameter. In Scotland, also, the fruit is large and delicious. It is eaten, when ripe, uncooked, and considered one of the most desirable of fruits. Our climate, with its extreme summer heat, is not favorable to the best development of the gooseberry, which requires coolness and dampness.