Family, Pulse. Color, light purple. Calyx, 5-cleft. Corolla, papilionaceous. Flowers, large, one or a pair in the upper leaf-axils, showy. Leaves, pinnate, of 5 to 7 pairs, the leaflets narrow, tipped with a tendril. Stipules, broad. Petioles, short. July and August.

This is the common tare that springs up in cultivated fields from New England to New Jersey and southward. Cultivated for fodder.

V, tetrasperma - Weak-stemmed, 1/2 to 2 feet long. Leaflets short-petioled, 4 to 6 pairs, linear. Pods, 4-seeded. Flowers, on long peduncles, equaling the leaves. May to September.

Waste places and meadows, New England to Virginia.

Hairy Vetch Or Tare. V. hirsuta

Color, pale purplish blue or white. Peduncles, long, bearing 3 to 6 flowers in the axils. Leaflets, 12 to 14, one or more tendrils at the apex. May to September.

In fields and waste places. New England to Florida and westward.