Family, Staff Tree. Color, greenish. Pistillate and staminate flowers, often on different plants. Coroll 5 expanding petals, slightly fringed, inserted under a cup-shaped disk which lines the calyx-tube. In sterile flowers the 5 stamens alternate with the 5 calyx-lobes. In fertile flowers the ovary, 2 to 4-celled, arises from the top of the disk, with a thick style and 2-lobed stigma. Leaves, alternate, elliptical or oval, somewhat rounded at base, pointed at apex, finely toothed, petioled, 2 to 5 inches long. Flowers, in racemose clusters, terminating the branches. June.

It is the fruit which makes this a favorite plant, a scarlet aril, containing several seeds in an orange-colored, 3-parted saucer. Underneath is a 5-parted, persistent calyx.

A twining shrub, growing often 15 or 20 feet in length, and covering rocks, bushes, and trees. It buries its roots by the waters of some roadside spring, and its yellow leaves, with its rich, golden fruit, make one of the most beautiful touches of autumn.