Family, Bignonia. Color, orange and red.

Leaves, pinnate, the leaflets numbering 9 to 11, one odd, terminal, in shape ovate, acute at apex, toothed. Corolla, trumpet-shape, large, 5-lobed. Calyx, 5-toothed. Stamens, 4. Flowers, clustered. July and August.

This plant, which is a troublesome weed in Ohio and other Western States, is cultivated with us. The corolla is large, trumpet-shape, flame-colored. Stems, strong, woody. The plant climbs by little rootlets springing from the stem, and so vigorously as to suffocate grape vines or whatever weaker plant lies in its way. Once established, it is very difficult to extirpate. The Bitting humming-bird may occasionally be seen nesting among the branches and sipping nectar from the bright, trumpet-shaped blossoms. New Jersey to Florida and westward.