Family, Water Milfoil. Floral leaves and flowers in whorls, the upper flowers staminate, the lower pistillate. Petals, generally none. Sepals, green, or with a purplish tinge. Stamens, 8. Leaves, cut and fine, like the teeth of a comb.

The plant is aquatic, and when the leaves arc taken from the water they collapse. Such leaves are spoken of as flaccid.

The flowers are inconspicuous, sessile, in the axils of the leaves. The only acquaintance I have with this plant is through a specimen sent me from a friend in southern New Jersey. I placed my plant in a dish of water and kept it for weeks. Its finely dissected leaves grew very fast and overlapped the edges of the dish. Greenish white blossoms appeared in March.

There are several members of this Family which grow in ponds and shallow streams. They all have capillary leaves, usually whorled on the stem.