Family, Water Lily. Sepals, 4. Petals numerous, the outer broad, concave, growing narrower toward the center, and passing into stamens. According to some authorities, this flower exhibits rather the transformation of stamens into petals. Pistil, with a many-celled ovary, whose rounded top bears radiate stigmas around a central projection. The stem is hollow, long enough to bring the blossom out of water. Leaves, thick, roundish, heart-shaped, 6 or 8 inches across, long-petioled, with entire margins, often reddish underneath. June to August.

The flower opens in the morning and closes at night.

This pure and beautiful water queen, with its ravishing fragrance, is everywhere a favorite. Its large, handsome leaves make us think of smooth waters with green banks, and an idle hour, perhaps, spent in a rowboat with a friend. Pity that such nymphs should have acquired a commercial value, and that boys with hot, perspiring hands should drag them about in the sun on our city streets and into the railway trains for the few pennies they will bring.