Family, Heath. Color, white. Leaves, toothed from below the middle to the apex, entire toward the base, alternate, sharp-pointed, ovate or wedge-shape. Calyx, of 5 sepals united into a cup, which closes around the ovary. Corolla, of 5 spreading petals. Stamens, 10, of unequal length, with arrow-shaped anthers, which are upright in the bud, turned downward in the flower. Flowers, very fragrant, almost too sweet, in long, terminal, erect spikes, remaining long on the bush before withering. They are followed by dry, 3-celled capsules. July and August.

A beautiful shrub, 2 to 8 feet high, seeking wet soil by slow streams, massing in thickets. Near the coast, from New England to Virginia and southward. (See illustration, p. 409.)

C. acuminata, is a shrub or small tree, 10 to 20 feet high, found in the Alleghany Mountains, southward to Georgia. Leaves, oval, pointed, finely toothed, 3 to 7 inches long, pale green underneath, on rather short and slender petioles. Flowers, in drooping racemes, with long bracts, sweet-scented.

White Alder. Sweet Pepper Bush. Alder Leaved Clethra

White Alder. Sweet Pepper Bush. Alder-Leaved Clethra

(Clethra alnifolia)