Family, Mustard. Sepals and petals, 4 the latter deeply 2-cleft. Pistil, 1. Pods on long stalks, oval, pointed. Leaves all tufted at the root, oblong or lance-shaped. April and May.

The small flowers, so small as almost to escape notice, are borne on leafless scapes, from 1 to 5 inches high. They are clcistogamous, not fitted for cross-pollination, but pollinated in the buds, before the flowers open. Introduced from Europe, growing in sandy soil along roadsides and in waste places.

D. - Sepals and petals, 4. Pod, smooth, linear, on a short stalk. Leaves, alternate, hairy, oblong, sessile. A small plant, less than 5 inches high, with little white flowers in a raceme which becomes about 1 inch long in fruit. Sometimes the petals are wanting. March to May.

Not so well known as, but earlier than, the whitlow grass. This species, coming into bloom in March, is one of our earliest flowers.

Sandy and waste fields from Massachusetts southward and westward.