Family, Crowfoot. Colors, red and yellow. (See Pink Flowers, p. 258.) Sepals, 5, ovate, colored like the petals. Petals, 5, red lined with yellow; in shape they are long, hollow spurs, ending in a little knob below, tipped with a short lip above. Stamens, many, long, protruding. Pistils, 5, making as many long pods tipped with the slender styles. Flowers, terminating the branches, nodding so as to bring the knobs of the spurs above, but in fruit the peduncles are reversed so that the pods stand upright. Flowers 1 1/2 inches long. Leaves, both from the root and on stem, compound, divided twice or thrice, the segments again divided into threes. Leaflets, rounded and lobed.

One would scarcely dare to deck her hat with red and yellow, but good taste is not offended when Nature's artist dips the brush in chrome for a lining to the columbine's scarlet cornucopias.

Its delicate foliage and bright flower make this a favorite, whether it nods in greeting from its favorite clefts in rocks or grows humbly at our feet.

Insects find sweet honey at the end of the tiny horns, and carry pollen from one flower to another.