50. Panicum Praecocius Hitchc. & Chase. Early-Branching Panic-Grass

Fig. 360

P. praecocius Hitch. & Chase, Rhodora, 8: 206. 1906.

Culms 6-18' tall, slender, branching almost at once, the secondary panicles appearing before the primary ones are mature, strongly pubescent with long weak spreading hairs over 1 1/2" long; sheaths similarly pubescent; ligule 1 1/2"-2" long; blades 1V-3' long, 2"- 3 1/2" wide, lanceolate, hirsute with long hairs on both surfaces, the hairs on the upper surface erect and over 2" long; primary panicle 1 1/2'-2 1/2' long and about as wide, its branches spreading or ascending; spikelets a little less than 1" long, obovoid, pubescent with long weak spreading hairs, the first scale 1/2 as long as the spikelet or a little less.

Dry places, Michigan to Texas. June-Aug.

51. Panicum Implicatum Scribn. Slender-. Stemmed Panic-Grass

Fig. 361

P. implicatum Scribn.; Nash, in Britt. & Br. 111. Fl. 3: 498. 1898.

Culms tufted, erect, 10'-22' tall, very slender, more or less pubescent, at length much branched. Sheaths shorter than the internodes, densely papillose-hirsute, at least the lower ones; ligule a ring of long hairs; blades erect, lanceolate, 1/2'-2 1/2' long, 1 "-3" wide, at least the lower ones papillose-hirsute on both surfaces, especially beneath; panicle open, ovate, 1'-2 1/4' long, hirsute, its branches widely spreading; spikelets broadly obovate, obtuse, purplish, about \" long, the outer 3 scales pubescent with short spreading hairs, the first scale nearly one-half as long as the spikelet, broadly ovate, obtuse, i-nerved, the second and third scales orbicular-oval, 7-nerved.

Dry soil, Nova Scotia to Minnesota, District of Columbia and Kentucky.

51 Panicum Implicatum Scribn Slender Stemmed Panic 36151 Panicum Implicatum Scribn Slender Stemmed Panic 362

52. Panicum Meridionale Ashe. Matting Panic-Grass

Fig. 362

Panicum meridionale Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Sci. Soc.

Soc. 15: 59. 1898. Panicum filiculme Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Sci. Soc. 15:

59. 1898. Not Hack. 1895. Panicum subvillosum Ashe, loc. cit. 16: 86. 1900. tPanicum albemarlense Ashe, loc. cit. 84. 1900. Panicum oricola Hitchc. & Chase, Rhodora, 8: 208.


Culms densely tufted, 4'-16' tall, later much-branched and often decumbent and forming mats, hirsute below with ascending or nearly erect hairs, the upper part of the culm puberulent; sheaths hirsute with ascending or somewhat spreading hairs; ligule commonly over 1" long; blades 3/4-3' long, 1-3" wide, erect or nearly so, lanceolate, the upper surface with erect hairs over 1 1/2" long, or sometimes nearly glabrous, the lower surface appressed-pubescent with shorter hairs; panicle up to 2' long, the axis puberulent or very shortly pilose, the branches spreading or ascending; spikelets from a little less than 3/4" to nearly 1" long, pubescent.

Sandy places. Nova Scotia to Minnesota, Georgia and Missouri. June and July.