4. Tithymalus MissouriÚnsis (Norton) Small. Reticulate-Seeded Spurge

Fig. 2756

E. arkansana missouriensis Norton, Rep. Mo. Bot.

Gard. 11: 103. 1900. T. missouriensis Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 721. 1903.

Annual, olive green, glabrous. Stem erect, rather slender, 4'-15' high, topped by a compound 3-rayed umbel; branches forked; leaves, except those subtending the umbel, scattered, spatulate or oblong, 5" - 1 1/2' long; obtuse, serrate to below the middle, sessile, the upper slightly auricled at the base; bracts roundish or ovate, inequilateral, small, serrate, cordate; involucres solitary in the axils, less than 1" long, with 4 oblong naked nearly sessile glands; capsule depressed-globose, 1 1/2" in diameter, with elongated warts; seeds ovoid, lenticular, reddish brown, finely but distinctly reticulated.

Minnesota and Iowa to Montana, Washington, Alabama and New Mexico. Included in our first edition in Euphorbia dictyosperma F. & M., a far western species. May-Aug.

5. Tithymalus ArkansÓnus (Engelm. & Gray) Kl. &Garcke. Arkansas Spurge

Fig. 2757

Euphorbia dictyosperma Engelm. in Torr. Bot. Mex.

Bound. Surv. 191. 1859. Not F. & M. 1835. Euphorbia arkansana Engelm. & Gray, Bost. Journ. Nat.

Hist. 5: 53. 1845. Tithymalus arkansanus Kl. & Garcke, Abh. Akad. Berlin 1859: 66.

Annual, olive green. Stem slender, 8'-2o' tall, with few spreading branches above, topped by umbels with 3 copiously dichotomous rays 3/4'-1 1/4' long; stem-leaves cuneate or spatulate, 1/2'-1 1/4' long, rather acute, serrulate above the middle; bracts ovate to triangular-ovate, 1/4'-3/4' long, truncate or subcordate at the base, mucronate at the apex; involucres about i" high, with transversely elliptic glands less than 1/2" wide, the lobes usually ciliate; capsules 1 1/4"-1 1/2" wide, warty; seeds ovoid, closely reticulated, brown.

Dry soil, Missouri to Colorado, Louisiana and Mexico. May-Aug.

5 Tithymalus Arkans Nus Engelm Gray Kl Garcke Arka 1099

6. Tithymalus Helioscopia (L.) Hill. Sun Or Wart Spurge. Wartweed

Fig. 2758

Euphorbia Helioscopia L. Sp. Pl. 459 1753. Tithymalus Helioscopia Hill, Hort. Kew. 172/3. 1768.

Annual, glabrous or nearly so. Stem stout, erect or assurgent, 8-12' tall, often branched from the base, topped like the branches by a more or less compound 3-5-rayed umbel; leaves, except the whorl at the base of the umbel, scattered, spatulate, obovate, oblong, or sometimes nearly orbicular, 1/2'-4 1/2' long, obtuse or retuse, serrulate, narrowed to a short petiole; bracts oblong or ovate, serrulate, inequilateral, sessile; involucres oblong-campanulate, 1 1/4" long, nearly sessile, usually with 4 oblong stalked unappendaged glands; capsule globose-ovoid, or somewhat depressed, 2' in diameter, smooth, the lobes rounded; seeds ovoid, nearly 1 1/2" long, reddish brown, strongly reticulate.

In waste places, Newfoundland to Quebec, Ontario, New York and Ohio. Also in Oregon. Naturalized from Europe. Sun-weed. Turnsole. Little-good. Cat's-milk. Wolf's-milk. Churnstaff. Wart-grass. Mouse-milk. Wartwort. Mad-woman's-milk. Devil's-milk. Seven sisters. June-Oct.

6 Tithymalus Helioscopia L Hill Sun Or Wart Spurge 1100