Annual or perennial rigid caulescent herbs, with rough-pubescent foliage. Leaves opposite; blades entire or toothed, sessile. Flowers solitary in the axils, short-peduncled or nearly sessile. Calyx sessile in 2 bractlets; sepals 5, nearly distinct. Corolla white or purplish, 2-lipped. Stamens 2, included. Staminodia filiform, capitate at the apex. Anther-sacs parallel, contiguous. Capsule somewhat elongated, acuminate. [Greek, referring to the included anthers.]

Two known species of eastern North America. Type species: Sophronanthe hispida Benth.

18 Sophronanthe Benth Lindl Introd Nat Syst Ed 2 4 460

1. Sophronanthe Pilosa (Michx.) Small. Hairy Hedge-Hyssop

Fig. 3789

Gratiola pilosa Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 7. 1803.

Sophronanthe pilosa Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 1067. 1903.

Perennial (?), hirsute; stems slender, erect, strict, simple, or branched, 6'-2° high. Leaves ovate or ovate-lanceolate, dentate or denticulate, sessile, acute or obtusish at the apex, rounded, truncate or subcordate at the base, 1/2'-1' long; flowers nearly or quite sessile, commonly numerous, about 4" long; corolla purplish or white, slightly longer than the calyx and bractlets; sterile filaments 2, capitate at the summit; anther-sacs of the fertile stamens parallel, contiguous; capsule oblong-conic, acuminate, about the length of the calyx, or shorter.

In dry soil, southern New Jersey to Florida, Arkansas and Texas. May-Aug.