17. Physalis Viscosa L. Stellate Ground-Cherry. Yellow-Henbane

Fig. 3712

Physalis viscosa L. Sp. Pl. 183. 1753.

Physalis pennsylvanica L. Sp. Pl. Ed. 2, 1670. 1763.

Perennial from a slender creeping rootstock; stems slender, creeping, with a dense ashy stellate pubescence, or in age rarely glabrate. Leaves elliptic, oval or ovate, obtuse, thinish, entire or undulate, in the typical South American race often cordate at the base, but rarely so in our plant; peduncles 1/2' - 1' long; calyx stellate-pubescent, its lobes triangular, generally shorter than the tube; corolla greenish yellow with a darker center, 8"-10" in diameter; fruiting calyx io"-I5" long, round-ovoid, scarcely sunken at the base; berry orange or yellow.

On sea beaches, or in sand near the coast, Virginia and North Carolina to Florida. Eastern South America.

Physalis Alkekengi L., Strawberry tomato or Winter cherry, is a native of Europe and Asia, often cultivated for its fruit and sometimes escapes from cultivation. The flowers are whitish, the limb distinctly 5-lobed; leaves broadly deltoid, acute at both ends, repand or angulately toothed.