Perennial pubescent or tomentose herbs, some species shrubby, with dentate or crenate leaves, and small bracted flowers in axillary clusters. Calyx tubular-funnelform, 10-nerved, 5-10-toothed, the teeth dilated at the base, or sometimes connate into a spreading limb. Corolla-tube about as long as the calyx, provided with a ring of hairs within, the limb strongly 2-lipped; upper lip erect, concave, emarginate, lower lip spreading, 3-lobed, the middle lobe emarginate or obcordate. Stamens 4, didynamous, ascending under the upper lip of the corolla, the anterior pair the longer; anther-sacs divergent at maturity. Ovary deeply 4-lobed; style 2-cleft at the summit. Nutlets ovoid, smooth. [The Greek name.]

About 30 species, natives of the Old World, most numerous in the Mediterranean region, the following typical.

1. Ballota Nigra L. Black Or Fetid Hoarhound

Fig. 3614

Ballota nigra L. Sp. Pl. 582. 1753.

Herbaceous, puberulent or pubescent, ill-scented; stem usually branched, erect, 1 1/2°-3° high, its hairs mostly reflexed. Leaves slender-petioled, ovate, or the lower nearly orbicular, acute or obtuse at the apex, coarsely dentate, thin, narrowed, truncate or subcor-date at the base, 1'-2' long; clusters numerous, several-flowered, dense; bractlets subulate, somewhat shorter than the calyx; calyx about 4" long, its teeth lanceolate, sharp, bristle-pointed, spreading in fruit; corolla 6"-9" long, reddish-purple to whitish, its upper lip pubescent on both sides; nutlets shining.

In waste places, eastern Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. Naturalized from Europe. June-Sept. Black archangel. Hairhound. Henbit. Bastard-hoarhound.

1 Ballota Nigra L Black Or Fetid Hoarhound 285