5. Veronica Chamaedrys L. Germander Speedwell

Fig. 3800

Veronica Chamaedrys L. Sp. Pl. 13. 1753.

Perennial; stem ascending, simple or branched, slender, pubescent in two lines, 4' - 12' high. Leaves ovate, sessile, or very nearly so, pubescent, truncate, rounded or cordate at the base, incised-dentate, obtuse at the apex, 1/2' - 1 1/4' long; racemes borne in opposite or alternate axils, peduncled, more or less pubescent, loose, 2' - 6' long; pedicels filiform, longer than the calyx and usually longer than the bractlets; flowers light blue, 3"- 4" broad; capsule obcordate, narrowed at the base; seeds numerous, flattish.

In fields and waste places, Nova Scotia and Quebec to southern New York and Pennsylvania. Naturalized from Europe. Other English names are blue eye, eyebright, angel's-eye, god's-eye, bird's-eye, cat's-eye, base vervain. Forget-me-not. May-July.

Veronica Teucrium L., also European, similar to V. Chamaedrys, but with oblong to lanceolate crenate leaves, has been found in New England and Ohio.

6. Veronica Wormskioldii R. & S. Worms-Kiold's Speedwell

Fig. 3801

V. Wormskioldii R. & S. Syst. 1: 101. 1817.

Perennial, pubescent or nearly glabrous; stems ascending or erect, slender, usually simple, 2'-12' high. Leaves oblong, ovate, or elliptic, sessile, mostly rounded at both ends, crenulate or entire, 1/2' - 1' long; flowers in a short narrow raceme at the end of the stem, light blue, 2"-3" broad; pedicels shorter than the calyx in flower, much shorter than the bractlets, 2"-3" long in fruit; capsule ellipsoid or slightly obo-void, moderately compressed, emarginate, 2"- 3" high; seeds numerous, flattish.

Labrador; mountains of Quebec and New England to Alaska, south in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado and in the Sierra Nevada to Nevada. Summer. Referred in our first edition to V. alpina L.

6 Veronica Wormskioldii R S Worms Kiold s Speedwel 4726 Veronica Wormskioldii R S Worms Kiold s Speedwel 473

7. Veronica Serpyllifolia L. Thyme-Leaved Speedwell

Fig. 3802

Veronica serpyllifolia L. Sp. Pl 12. 1753.

Perennial, puberulent or glabrous; stems slender, decumbent, branched, the branches ascending or erect, 2'-10' high. Leaves all opposite and petioled, or the uppermost sessile, oblong, oval, or ovate, i'- long, crenulate or entire; flowers in short narrow racemes at the end of the stem and branches; pedicels equalling or longer than the calyx, usually shorter than the bractlets; corolla blue with darker stripes, sometimes white, 2"- 4" broad; capsule broader than high, broadly obcordate or emarginate at the summit, about 1" long, about equalling the calyx; seeds flat, numerous.

In fields and thickets, Labrador to Alaska, south to Georgia, New Mexico and California. Also in Europe, Asia and South America. Ascends to 2600 ft. in the Catskills. Paul's-betony. April-Aug.

Veronica humifusa Dickson, differing in larger flowers and more pubescent inflorescence, is apparently a northern race of this species, also occurring in Europe.