A tall erect viscid and villous annual, with entire leaves, the blade decurrent on the petiole. Peduncles generally in fascicles of 2-4 in the axils. Calyx campanulate, 5-lobed, at first a little inflated, but soon filled by and closely fitted to the berry, thin, neither angled nor ribbed, faintly veiny, open at the mouth, the lobes exceeding the fruit. Corolla rotate, white, sometimes tinged with purple and generally creamy or yellow in the center, the limb plicate. Stamens inserted near the base of the corolla; filaments long and slender; anthers oblong, opening by a longitudinal slit. Style and stigmas as in Physalis. Seeds kidney-shaped, flattened, punctate. [Greek, white Physalis.]

A monotypic genus of northern North America.

1. Leucophysalis Grandifldra (Hook.) Rydberg. Large White Ground-Cherry

Fig. 3714

P. grandiflora Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 90. 1834. Leucophysalis grandiflora Rydberg, Mem. Torr. Club 4: 366. 1896.

Erect, tall, 1 1/2°-3° high; stem somewhat angled, striate, more or less villous. Leaves large, 4's' long, ovate to lanceolate-ovate, generally acute and entire, somewhat decur-rent on the petiole, more or less villous and viscid, especially on the veins of the lower surface; peduncles several from each axil, 2/3'-4/5' long, villous; calyx villous, its lobes lanceolate, equalling the tube; corolla large, 1 1/4'-1 1/2' in diameter, rotate, white with a more or less yellowish center; filaments slender; anthers short, yellow, often tinged with purple; fruiting calyx ovoid, early filled by the berry.

Sandy soil, Quebec to Saskatchewan, Michigan and Minnesota. May-July.

1 Leucophysalis Grandifldra Hook Rydberg Large Whi 385