Perennial white-tomentose or woolly herbs, with leafy erect stems, in our species alternate entire leaves, and small corymbose discoid heads of dioecious flowers. Involucre oblong to campanulate, its bracts scarious, imbricated in several series, mostly white, the outer shorter. Receptacle mostly convex, not chaffy. Staminate flowers with a slender or filiform corolla, an undivided style, and a pappus of slender bristles, not thickened at the summit, or scarcely so; anthers tailed at the base. Pistillate flowers with a tubular 5-toothed corolla, 2-cleft style, and a pappus of capillary bristles. [Greek name of some similar plant.]

About 35 species, natives of the north temperate zone. Besides the following, 2 or 3 other species occur in western North America. Type species: Anaphalis nubigena (Wall.) DC.

44 Anaphalis Dc Prodr 6 271 1837 1076

1. Anaphalis Margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook. Pearly Or Large-Flowered Everlasting

Fig. 4405

Gnaphalium margaritaceum L. Sp. Pl. 850. 1753. Antennaria margaritacea Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 329. 1833. A. margaritacea Benth. & Hook. Gen. Pl. 2: 303. 1873.

Stem floccose-woolly, corymbosely branched at the summit, leafy, 1°-3° high. Leaves linear-lanceolate, narrowed to a sessile base, revolute, green, but mostly more or less pubescent above, woolly beneath, 3'-5' long, 2"-4" wide, the lowest shorter, spatulate, usually obtuse; corymb compound, 2'-8' broad; heads very numerous, short-peduncled or sessile, about 3" high, 4" broad when expanded; involucre campanulate, its bracts ovate-lanceolate, obtuse, finely striate, pearly white, mostly glabrous; pappus-bristles of the fertile flowers distinct and falling away separately.

Dry soil, Newfoundland to Alaska, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oregon and northern Asia. Recorded south to North Carolina. Adventive in Europe. Silver-leaf. Life-everlasting. Moonshine. Cotton-weed. None-so-pretty. Lady-never-fade. Indian-posy. Ladies'-tobacco. Poverty-weed. Silver-button. July-Sept.

Anaphalis occidentalis (Greene) Heller, occurring from Alaska to California and in Newfoundland and Quebec, differs by its mostly broader leaves being green and glabrous.