A low annual scapose herb, glabrous, or nearly so, with tufted basal dentate or nearly entire leaves. Scapes several or numerous, simple or branched, upwardly thickened below the solitary heads of yellow flowers. Involucre campanulate, its bracts in 1 series, narrow, equal, thickened and keeled on the back after flowering, rarely with a few outer minute ones. Receptacle flat, pitted, not chaffy. Anthers sagittate. Style-branches obtuse. Achenes oval, 8-10-ribbed, narrowed below, truncate, or with a denticulate margin. Pappus none. [Greek, lamb-succory.]

A monotypic genus of western Europe.

1. Arnoseris Minima (L.) Dumort. Lamb Succory

Fig. 4049

Hyoseris minima L. Sp. Pl. 879. 1753.

Arnoseris pusilla Gaertn. Fr. & Sem. 2: 355. 1791.

Arnoseris minima Dumort. Fl. Belg. 63. 1827.

Scapes slender, 3'-12' high, leafless, simple, or with 1-4 branches mostly above the middle, gradually thickened and hollow upward for a space of an inch or more below the heads. Leaves oblanceolate, obovate, or oblong, 1-3' long, 3"-10" wide, usually coarsely and sharply toothed, narrowed into margined petioles; heads 8" broad, or less; bracts of the involucre linear-lanceolate, acuminate, strongly keeled after flowering, 2"-4" long, curving over the achenes.

Fields and waste grounds, Maine to Ontario and Michigan. Adventive from Europe. Also called dwarf swine's- or hog's-succory; dwarf nipplewort. Summer.

1 Arnoseris Minima L Dumort Lamb Succory 720