Gentiana propinqua, or Four-parted Gentian, is somewhat like the preceding species, but has larger, brighter blue flowers, which are not nearly so closely clustered together; and it is a much more graceful plant. The corolla is four-parted, or cut into four lobes, as the name implies, and the calyx is also four-cleft. These Gentians are occasionally white.

Gentiana arctophila, or Alpine Gentian, is a tiny dwarf species resembling G. propinqua. It is found at immense altitudes.

Gentiana prostrata, or Dwarf Gentian, has very weak and often procumbent stems. The leaves are covered with a soft white bloom and have white hairy margins, while the flowers are solitary and of a lovely azure-blue colour, also very occasionally white. It is an exceedingly tiny plant, and has been found at an elevation of 10,000 feet.

Plate LV

Four parted Gentian (Gentiana propinqua)

Four-parted Gentian (Gentiana propinqua)

Gentiana afhnis, or Large Gentian, has oblong obtuse leaves. In this tall handsome Gentian there is a very beautiful contrast between the rich green foliage and the azure-blue flowers. These flowers grow in dense clusters among the leaves on the top of the stems; each one has a large, gray, greenish-blue corolla, divided into five spreading lobes, which are of a wonderful cerulean hue inside, marked and spotted with white. The tips of these lobes are very pointed, and sometimes the green calyx-lobes equal them in length, showing between their divisions, while at other times they are quite minute.

Gentiana glauca, or Pale Gentian, is a small low-growing plant with tiny oval basal leaves forming a rosette, and a few green-blue-flowers, subtended by a pair of bracts, at the top of the short stalks which are only two to four inches high. The calyx is campanulate, and the corolla tube is cylindrical with ovate obtuse lobes.