Silky-pubescent with appressed hairs, aculescent, tufted. Leaves: odd-pinnate; leaflets linear, oblong, acute; peduncles longer than the leaves. Flowers: in large dense heads, or spikes. Fruit: pods incompletely two-celled, coriaceous, sessile, erect, ovoid-cylindric, long-acuminate.

A handsome rich cream-coloured or yellowish species of Oxytropis, with soft whitish silky foliage and very fine large flower-spikes. It usually grows on the dry alpine meadows.

Oxytropis monticola, or Mountain Oxytrope, is silvery-pubescent throughout with very fine hairs. The leaflets are oblong and pointed, sometimes rather blunt at the apex, and the flowers are pale yellow and grow in dense heads on long stalks. The calyx is covered with long white and short black hairs. This species grows in the high alpine meadows.