Stems: ascending, one to four feet high, branching. Leaves: tri-foliolate, petioled, rather distant; leaflets oblong, serrate, narrowed at the base, rounded at the apex. Flowers: in slender racemes; standard equalling the wings and keel. Not indigenous.

The Yellow Melilot, or Sweet Clover, closely resembles the White Sweet Clover. It has spike-like racemes of tiny clustered flowers, which are fragrant and extremely delicate both in shape and hue, and are borne on tall branching stems, which frequently attain a height of three or even four feet. The leaves are trifoliolate and smell very sweet when dried. They droop in a peculiar fashion at nighttime, the upper leaflet and one side leaflet closing together, until the vertical surface of each comes in contact with that of the other, while the third leaflet is left alone, exposed to the chills and rains of the hours of darkness. This is an introduced plant.