Rootstock: stout, chaffy, short. Stems: densely tufted, slender. Leaves: ovate in outline, thin, glabrous, the sterile shorter than the fertile, the margins involute to the midrib at first, expanded at maturity, and exposing the sporanges.

Ferns and Fern Allies 51

The two kinds of leaves of this pale green alpine fern are very distinct, the segments of the sterile ones being more cut and much broader than those of the fertile ones, which latter have almost straight margins that are rolled into the centre when the plant is young, and flatten out as it matures, exposing the light brown spore cases with which these fertile leaves are covered. The Nootka Rock Brake was first found by Dr. Archibald Menzies when he came to Vancouver Island with Captain Vancouver in 1790.

Cryptogramma Stelleri, or Slender Rock Brake, has a thread-like creeping root, from which the scattered stems grow up at close intervals.