XXII. Santalaceae. Sandalwood Family

Herbs, shrubs or trees; leaves entire, without stipules; flowers solitary or clustered, axillary or terminal, calyx valvate in the bud, its tube adnate to the base of the ovary; fruit a drupe or nut, the seed solitary, destitute of any proper seed-coat.

I. Comandra. Nutt.

1. C. pallida. A. DC. White Comandra.

2. C. livida. Richards. Swamp Comandra.

3. C. Richardsiana. Fernald. Green Comandra.

XXIII. Loranthaceae. Mistletoe Family

Chiefly shrubby plants parasitic on trees; leaves coriaceous, opposite regular, greenish, yellowish or olive-brown; flowers in axillary or terminal clusters or solitary; fruit a berry with glutinous pulp.

I. Arceuthobium. Bieb.

1. A. americanum. Nutt. Witch's Broom.