XXIV. Polygonaceae. Buckwheat Family

Herbs, shrubs or trees with stipules in the form of sheaths above the swollen joints of the stem; leaves simple, entire; flowers mostly perfect, with a more or less persistent calyx; fruit an achene.

I. Eriogonum. Michx.

1. E. umbellatum. var. majus. Benth. Tall Eriogonum.

2. E. ovalifolium. Nutt. Silvery Eriogonum.

3. E. androsaceum. Benth. Dwarf Eriogonum. II. Oxyria. Hill.

I. O. digyna. (L.) Hill. Mountain Sorrel. III. Rumex. L.

1. R. salicifolius. Willow-leaved Dock.

2. R. Acetosa. L. Common Sorrel. (Introduced.)

3. R. Acetosella. L, Field Sorrel. (Introduced.)

IV. Polygonum. (Tourn.) L.

1. P. viviparum. L. Alpine Bistort.

2. P. bistortoides. Pursh. Heart-leaved Bistort.

3. P. Muhlenbergii. (Meisn.) Wats. Sivamp Persicaria.