XXVIII. Nymphaeaceae. Water Lily Family

Aquatic perennial herbs with horizontal rootstocks; leaves peltate or deeply cordate, involute from both margins in the bud, floating or immersed; flowers perfect, axillary, solitary on long peduncles; fruit baccate, with a firm rind.

I. Nymphaea. (Tourn.) L.

1. N. polysepala. (Engelm.) Greene. Yellow Pond Lily.

XXIX. Ranunculaceae. Crowfoot Family

Herbs or sometimes woody plants with a colourless usually acrid juice; leaves often dissected, their stalks dilated at the base, some times with stipule-like appendages, alternate or rarely opposite; flowers polypetalous or apetalous with the calyx often coloured like a corolla, hypogynous; fruit achenes or follicles or baccate.

Tribe Anemoneae

I. Ranunculus. (Tourn.) L.

1. R. acris. L. Meadow Buttercup. (Introduced.)

2. R. Macounii. Britton. Macoun's Buttercup.

3. R. Eschscholtzii. Schlect. Snow Buttercup.

4. R. Cymbalaria. Pursh. Creeping Crowfoot.

5. R. aquatilis. (L.) var. capillaceus. DC. Water Crowfoot.

6. R. reptans. (L.) Mey. Creeping Spcarwort.

7. R. repens. L. Yellozv Crowfoot. (Introduced.)

8. R. pygmaeus. Wahl. Pigmy Buttercup. II. Thalictrum. (Tourn.) L.

1. T. occidentale. Gray. Western Meadow Rue.

2. T. megacarpum. Torr. Veiny Meadow Rue.

III. Anemone. (Tourn.) L.

1. A. occidentalis. Wats. Chalice Cup.

2. A. multifida. Poir. Wind Flower.

3. A. Drummondii. Wats. Alpine Anemone.

4. A. parviflora. Michx. Few-flowered Anemone.

5. A. patens var. Wolfgangiana. (Bess.) Koch. Pasque Flower.

Tribe Clematideae

IV. Clematis. L.

1. C. ligusticifolia. Nutt. White Clematis.

2. C. columbiana. (Nutt.) T. and G. Purple Clematis.

Tribe Heleboreae


V. Caltha. (Rupp.) L.

1. C. leptosepala. DC. Alpine Marsh-marigold.

2. C. palustris. L. Marsh-marigold. VI. Trollius. L.

I. T. laxus var. albiflorus. Salisb. White Globe Flower, VII. Aquilegia. (Tourn.) L.

1. A. formosa. Fisch. Western Columbine.

2. A. brevistyla. Hook. Blue Columbine.

3. A. flavescens. Wats. Yellow Columbine. VIII. Delphinium. (Tourn.) L.

1. D. Brownii. Rydb. Mountain Larkspur.

2. D. Menziesii. DC. Blue Larkspur.

3. D. bicolor. Nutt. Blue-veined Larkspur. IX. Actaea. L.

1. A. rubra. (Ait.) Willd. Red Baneberry.

2. A. rubra forma neglecta. (Gillman.) Robinson.

White Baneberry.

XXX. Berberidaceae. Barberry Family

Shrubs or herbs; leaves compound or divided, alternate, dilated at the base; flowers with the sepals and petals both imbricated in the bud, usually in two rows, the hypogynous stamens as many as the petals and opposite to them; fruit a berry or a pod.

I. Berberis. (Tourn.) L.

1. B. repens. Lindl. Rocky Mountain Grape.

2. B. aquifolium. Pursh. Oregon Grape.