Low evergreen shrubs with the foliage aspect and compound pollen of Heaths and drupaceous fruit. Probably just an apetalous and degenerate form of Ericaceae and comprising three genera, only one of which is found within the limits of this book.

I. Empetrum. (Tourn.) L.

I. E. nigrum. L. Crowberry.

XLIII. Celastraceae. Staff Tree Family

Shrubs and shrubby climbers or trees; leaves simple, evergreen; flowers perfect, regular, small, the petals as many as the sepals and alternate with them; fruit free from the calyx, embryo large in fleshy albumen, seeds arilled.

I. Pachistima. Raf.

I. P. Myrsinites. Raf. Mountain Lover.

XLIV. Aceraceae. Maple Family

Trees or shrubs with watery often saccharine sap; leaves opposite, simple, palmately lobed or more rarely pinnately divided; flowers axillary, terminal, cymose or racemose, small, regular, mostly polygamous or dicecious, sometimes apetalous; fruit two long-winged samaras joined at the base.

I. Acer. (Tourn.) L.

I. A. glabrum. Torr. Dwarf Maple.

XLV. Hypericaceae. St. John's-Wort Family

Herbs or shrubs; leaves opposite, entire, with black dots or lines, mostly sessile, punctate with resinous glands, no stipules;flowers solitary or cymose, regular, hypogynous, the petals mostly oblique, convolute in the bud; fruit the pod one-celled with two-five parietal placentae, seeds numerous, small, anatropous, with no albumen.

I. Hypericum. (Tourn.) L.

1. H. Scouleri. Hook. Scouler's St. John's-wort.