Herbs; leaves simple, opposite or alternate, basal or whorled on the stem; flowers racemose or verticillate, sometimes axillary, regular, perfect, calyx free from the ovary, the stamens as many as the lobes of the gamopetalous corolla; fruit a capsule, dehiscent.

I. Primula. L.

1. P. farinosa. L. Bird's Eye Primrose.

2. P. Maccalliana. Weigand. Dwarf Canada Primrose. II. Androsace. (Tourn.) L.

1. A. chamsejasme. Sweet Androsace.

2. A. septentrionalis. L. Alpine Androsace.

3. A. diffusa. Small. Spreading Androsace, III. Trientalis. L.

1. T. arctica. Fisch. Star-Hewer.

IV. Dodecatheon. L

1. D. pauciflorum. (Durand.) Greene. Shooting Star.