Stems: slender. Leaves: in more or less open rosnlate tufts, one-nerved, ovate. Flowers: in capitate umbels.

The sweet smell of these delicate little clustered blossoms, that grow from one to three inches above the soil and fill the air with fragrance, is most attractive. Their primrose-like petals, of creamy or pinkish hue, look up with yellow eyes to greet each passer-by, while rosulate tufts of tiny narrow leaves are set about the slender stems.

Androsace septentrionalis, or Alpine Androsace, is a very different species from the foregoing one, having much-branched thread-like stems bearing numerous tiny white flowers. The leaves are lance-shaped and rosulate.

Androsace diffusa, or Spreading Androsace, is more or less hairy and has narrow rosulate leaves which are sparingly toothed. The scapes are erect, spreading and often diffusely branched, and the pinkish-white flowers have a corolla which equals the tips of the calyx segments in length.