Rootstock creeping, sending up many stem-like branches, which are naked below, the leaves all in a verticil of five to ten at the summit. Leaves: membranous, lanceolate, acuminate at both ends, sessile. Flowers: solitary or few; calyx usually of seven sepals; corolla wheel-shaped, of seven petal-like segments.

The pretty blossoms of this Star-flower are generally white, though sometimes tinged with mauvish-pink, and so gracefully are they poised on slender stalks above a whorl of pointed leaves that every puff of wind blows them gently to and fro. The number seven recurs with marked frequency in this particular plant, - the calyx is seven-parted, the corolla segments are seven, and the stamens seven, while the leaves of the whorl also are usually seven in number, some being large and some small.

Bryant writes of the alpine meadows, "Where star-flowers strew the rivulet's side," but as a matter of fact it is generally in the shady woods, near the foot of some large forest tree, that these dainty little flowers are found.