Stems: simple or branching, silky-canescent and silvery all over, herbaceous from a suffrutescent base. Leaves: twice ternately or quinately divided into linear crowded lobes. Flowers: numerous racemosely disposed heads in an open panicle, globular.

200 White to Green and Brown Flowers

All the Wormwoods possess a very strong odour, by means of which they may be easily recognized. This species has tiny greenish-yellow flowers growing profusely on its leafy, silky stems, while the whole plant is silvery white and covered with softest down.

Artemisia discolor, or Green Wormwood, has green foliage and brownish-green florets, having the same pungent aromatic smell as the silvery species.

Artemisia biennis, or Biennial Wormwood, has also green foliage, and its numerous greenish florets grow in clusters in the axils, where the leaves join the main flower-stalk.