Stems: scaly, stout. Leaves: orbicular in outline, deeply seven-to-eleven cleft, green and glabrous above, densely white tomentose beneath. Flowers: in a fastigiate panicle.

The chief distinction between the different species of Coltsfoot lies in the shape of their respective leaves. Those of the Palm-leaf Coltsfoot are exactly like a large palm leaf, while its blossoms are white and very fragrant. The flower-stalks are thick and juicy and covered with small narrow leaves. It has silky-haired seeds like a dandelion.

Petasites sagittatns, or Arrow-leaved Coltsfoot, has huge leaves with two very marked pointed lobes at the base. Its flower-heads grow compactly at the top of stout stalks, and are white and fragrant.

Petasites jrigidus, or Arctic Coltsfoot, has few blossoms, a scaly stem, and very irregularly lobed leaves. The foliage of all the Coltsfoots is green and smooth on the top, and white and woolly underneath. They are coarse uninteresting plants.